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Spiritual Candles

Experience the power of divine energy with our spiritual soy wax candles featuring Metatron, Lord Ganesha, and Archangels. Hand-poured with love and intention, each candle is infused with essential oils and herbs that correspond with the energies of these powerful beings. Whether you need protection, abundance, or guidance, our candles can help you tap into the spiritual realm and manifest your desires. Our Metatron candle is perfect for activating your spiritual gifts, while our Lord Ganesha candle can help you overcome obstacles and bring success. And our Archangel candles, featuring Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael, can help you connect with their unique energies and receive their blessings. All of our candles are made with eco-friendly and sustainable materials, so you can feel good about using them in your spiritual practice. Elevate your spiritual journey today with our powerful soy wax candles.