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Positive Vibes Candles - Made With Sage And Palo Santo - Luxury Candles In Frosted Jar Harness the Positive Energy of Sage and Palo Santo!

Positive Vibes Candles - Made With Sage And Palo Santo - Luxury Candles In Frosted Jar Harness the Positive Energy of Sage and Palo Santo!

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15 Oz Yani soul luxury  Soy wax Candles, glitter Candles, Scented Candles , Sage and Palo Santo, to raise your vibes with incredible aroma 

You deserve to feel good. Take a moment for yourself and breathe in the sweet, calming scent of Positive Vibes Candles. A blend of sage and palo santo fills your home with an aroma of clarity and transformation. As you light the candle, envision your highest hopes, dreams, and desires coming true. Let Positive Vibes Candles lift your spirits, bring peace to your thoughts, and help create balance and harmony in your life. The best part, it cleanses your house and provides chakra healing to you. Our hand-poured luxury candles provide you with an opportunity for relaxation and rejuvenation- no matter where you are or what time it is. So take some time out of your busy day and let yourself be enveloped in the warmth and ease of Positive Vibes Candles.


Here’s Why You’ll Love This


✔Lift Your Vibes: Transform your space with the sweet, enchanting scent of Palo Santo & Sage. Our Positive Vibes Candle will provide you with a moment of serenity and clarity.

✔Enhance Mood: Our handcrafted candles are made with natural soy wax and infused with essential oils of Palo Santo & Sage. These luxurious scents help promote a sense of wellness and relaxation to boost your positive vibes.

✔Chakra Healing: The soothing aroma of our Positive Vibes Candles can help balance the chakras for better clarity and contentment. Every candle is also topped with natural flower petals for added beauty and charm.

✔Cleanse & Purify: Enhance the atmosphere in any room with the refreshing aromas of Palo Santo & Sage. These candles not only bring a feeling of happiness but also gently cleanse and purify the air, so your home is vibrant and refreshed.

✔Elegant Design: Our candles come in a frosted glass jar that’s as beautiful as it is functional. You’ll love the stylish design that adds a touch of sophistication to your living area while filling the air with delightful fragrances.

This are some of the benefits using Yani Soul Candles 

"Transform your space with our beautifully scented candles, each one hand-poured with care.""

Relax and unwind with the power of aromatherapy candles, carefully crafted with natural essential oils."

"Indulge in our soy candles' creamy and clean burn, perfect for any occasion."

"Discover the warmth and comfort of hand-poured candles, made with care and attention to detail."

"Elevate your space with natural candles, free from harmful chemicals and synthetic fragrances."

Experience the benefits of essential oil candles, perfect for promoting relaxation and stress relief."

"Find peace and tranquillity with candles designed for relaxation, perfect for a cozy night in."

"De-stress and soothe your mind with candles specifically crafted for stress relief."

Surprise a loved one with a beautifully curated candle gift set, perfect for any occasion."

"Add a touch of elegance to your home with our decorative candles, perfect for any décor style."



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